In these times of technology, data is the advantage of your company. If you follow them, they will tell you a lot:
  • what your customers value;
  • how to motivate your staff;
  • where some of the revenue disappears.
The aim of business analytics and data analysis is to improve business processes by using insights from data to make data-driven decisions.

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Building a culture of analytics starts with listening to your needs. We are a team of specialists working in the field of business intelligence and data analytics. We recommend the world's leading product in accordance with expert assessments – Microsoft Power BI product – to our customers.

Taking the first steps towards change is always difficult for a company, because you are doing it for the first time. We have implemented many different projects and have been exposed to different business models, so we can anticipate several steps ahead. We know today's data challenges and opportunities. We can help you set goals, take a course and help you take the first steps in implementing an analytics culture.

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Not sure where to start? It is best to start with the question.

Contact for a free consultation.

Not sure where to start? It is best to start with the question.

Contact for a free consultation.


You will say - "every company is unique and the standard does not suit us". The truth is, but every company wants to monitor the basic indicators first:
  • what is the company's profit,
  • what income we receive and what costs we incur,
  • what share of income we allocate to salaries and how salaries are distributed to the company's employees,
  • what sales turnover and what purchase costs,
  • who are our customers
  • what goods are most in demand,
  • what is the cost of goods.
Companies keeping accounts „Rivilė Gama“ program, can use the analytics system as a service.

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The advantage of the service is that the system is easily activated, adapted to the customer's business logic, and within a few weeks you will be able to monitor your company's results in interactive reports with minimal costs.

When the need for in-depth, non-standard data analysis specific to your business arises, new data sources or new reports can be added to the system.

Want to know what your data is about?

Want to know what your data is about?


It’s hard to resist old habits. Here's how to move from Excel reports to automated ones. But after trying, you don’t want to go back anymore.

Individual solutions are developed regardless of the source or type of data available. We can analyze business management system data, e-shop data, combine them and get even deeper insights.

When creating individual solutions, it is very important to define goals, discuss what kind of problem we want to solve and create a lot of communication with each other when creating a system.

We recommend our clients to use a world-renowned business analytics tool Microsoft Power BI.

Why POWER BI Analytics?

  • Reliability. "Microsoft" is a business leader in software and IT solutions. The Power BI analytics tool is constantly being improved and improvements are available to the user once a month.
  • Easily accessible data. The data collected by Power BI is stored in the cloud, making it easy to access from any device and making it even easier to share insights with company employees.
  • Easy to use. Power BI is a simple, clear, interactive business analytics tool. Ease of use reduces staff training costs.
  • Real-time analytics. In a competitive business world, it is important to have up-to-date data related to the company’s operations. With yesterday’s data, you’ll be able to predict tomorrow’s results.
  • Access to multiple data sources. You will be able to extract data by combining several sources. CRM, ERP and e. store data combined into one whole can provide great insights for both managers and sales professionals.

Still wondering if it's worth it?

By cooperating with us you will get:

  • The package of licenses required for the work;
  • Analytics system tailored to your needs;
  • Individual user training;
  • Technical documentation;
  • Maintenance after project implementation.

Contact us, we will discuss the situation of your company together.

Contact us, we will discuss the situation of your company together.

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